Program of Studies

The requirements for the award of an undergraduate degree by the Department  (in not less than 8 academic semesters) are:

1. Successful completion of a total of 40 semester courses, (36  prerequisites and 4 electives).
2. Successful completion and presentation of a final Thesis project. 
3. Successful completion of a six months Practical Training program (one academic semester).

The program of studies is organized on the basis of semester courses with a minimum duration of four years (eight academic semesters). During the first seven semesters students attend both lecture and lab courses. Attendance of lab courses is mandatory. During the last semester students must prepare a final Thesis presentation and complete their practical training.

After their initial matriculation, students must renew their enrollment every consecutive semester. Those who fail to renew their enrollment for two consecutive or for three non consecutive semesters, loose their student status and can not conclude their studies.
During every semester's enrollment, students can formulate their own course program. The only restrictions the apply as to the choice of courses is the maximum number of attendance hours per semester and the binding relationship, if any, between prerequisites and depended courses.
The definition of prerequisites and depended courses is decided by the Department's General Assembly.

The program of studies is based on student academic work load and follows the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).


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