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The debate on the need for public photography education in Greece began in the late 70's from the professional photographers especially the Artists Union of Photographers of Athens.
At that time the photographic education was virtually non-existent, both in Greece and in other European countries. In Europe, private schools and public education mainly covered the technical training of photographers with courses lasting up to two years while very few educational institutions included in their program photographic education for three years in fields such as photojournalism, advertising and art photography. In Greece, basic photographic training lasting one year only was provided by a single private school.

In 1984 the Ministry of Education decided to establish two new departments in the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design, the Department of Photography and the Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art. The curriculum of seven semesters and one semester internship was launched in October 1985 with the introduction of the first students of the Department of Photography.

The composition of the program identified the need for a meaningful photographic education that will give students the ability of the theoretical approach and critical analysis of the photographic image would cultivate creative thinking and would give its students the necessary knowledge craftsmanship of the main application areas of photography. The program also included general education courses such as Psychology, Art History, Sociology, Physics, Chemistry, etc. The Department soon outfitted with the necessary laboratory equipment providing sixteen positions laboratory exercise in black and white photography, color and eight in three positions in commercial photography lab.

The development of digital technology and the significant changes already evident from the beginning of 1990, led to the first reform of the curriculum of the Department of Photography by introducing major changes to the digital processing of the photographic image. Technological developments have vindicated the decision of the Department, and the next decade of digital camera technology has replaced the traditional - analogue technology in nearly all areas of the photographic image.

The new, radically renewed program of the Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts, launched in 2001, offers students new opportunities in education in multimedia and video, while adapting to the new realities of technology and artistic expression.


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