The Department

The Department’s Mission

The Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts is the only academic department within the Hellenic Higher tertiary education sector, offering a degree in Photography and Video studies.

The mission of the Department is to provide knowledge and training of the highest academic standards, towards the creation, management and study of the still as well as the moving photographic image.
The Department’s objective is the promotion of artistic production and applied research in the visual arts for the development of new knowledge and advanced methodologies as well as for the furthering of constant innovation in the respective professional fields.

The aims of the academic curriculum are to develop the understanding of contemporary culture and its relationship to photographic and video practice, and to develop skills that will enable graduates to:
- respond to the requirements of postgraduate study
- keep up with the developments in photographic technology
- handle the demands of creating artistic work in the relative competitive industries of photography, photojournalism, advertising, digital image manipulation and multimedia.


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