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Address of Department's President

The Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts of the Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I.) of Athens, unique with this subject in higher education in the country, has as its mission to provide knowledge, both versatile theoretical and technical, in order to understand, create, manage, research and in general to study and generate the technological image. Students, during their four-year study, are thoroughly trained, both on a technical and a conceptual axis, for every significant characteristic, of the stationary as well as the moving photographic image in parallel. The curriculum, developed in depth, in theoretical - aesthetic - artistic - technological fields, equips graduates with the necessary knowledge to creatively articulate their personal ideas and methodologies and sometimes their innovative thoughts, in both the implementation and artistic expression as well as in the scientific fields. The Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts, of Athens Technological Educational Institute, believes that the new creative medium, of digital technologies is one of the ecumenical and most synchronized with our era, of the communication vehicles for both artistic expression and creation as well as for research and application. The Department will continue to earnestly heed the developments in technological and aesthetic level, integrating the most remarkable of them, both in curricula and in its multidimensional activities to promote research, experimentation and renewal in artistic creativity, applications and communication.

Pr. Harris Pressas
President of the Department

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