The Department’s Mission

The mission of the Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts is the students’ analytical, aesthetic and technical training in the fields of photography and video, aiming at studying and researching contemporary visual culture and creative development of knowledge in the fields of performing arts and their applications.


Description of the graduate

During their four-year studies, students are extensively competent in negotiating the analytical, aesthetic and technical idioms of photographic image and video. Through their acquired knowledge, they creatively articulate their personal methodologies and innovative thoughts, in a wide range of specialized fields of application in the fields of art, photojournalism, advertising and video.
The dynamic and diverse development of digital visual media offers the guarantee of a confident and creative future in the modern working environment.
The department graduates can be employed as freelancers, researchers and scholars, artists, or executives in companies, organizations and services in the private and public sectors. They also have the opportunity to serve as teachers or to curate exhibitions, publications and events of cultural and artistic institutions. They work successfully and with distinctions in all the above fields while a sufficient number pursue postgraduate and doctoral studies.